We help private market stakeholders better pilot their ESG strategy.

To effectively fight climate change, investors and lenders need an easy tool that allows them to make decisions that take into account their ESG impact.

FINGREEN AI is the only company that offers Explainable AI data estimation models to instantly perform  ESG assessments and monitor private assets. Our goal is to be 100% transparent and traceable.

Our Values

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Innovation & Tech-driven

Technology and innovation are key to our solution. We have developed proprietary technology allowing us to leverage Explainable AI and create optimized data processes.

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Commitment & Ownership

Our goal is to help all private market stakeholders better understand and master their portfolio's ESG performance, essential to reaching their ESG goals.

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Absolute Traceability

Moving away from black-box methodologies and greenwashing, transparency and traceability are the fundamentals of our ESG solutions.

Our Team


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"To make ESG reporting painless, companies should approach it as a digital transformation opportunity. The right solution should remove friction in ESG data gathering, as well as in analyzing and sharing that data. This begins with building a cloud-based platform that can really drive ESG data gathering, organizing and reporting.”

"The Big Differentiator" - Forbes March 2022

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How can I use FINGREEN AI?

To see how our platform works, you can book a demo directly by clicking the “Demo” button on the top right of the page. You can also subscribe to our newsletter or reach us on LinkedIn


FINGREEN AI is a SAAS platform that provides all-in-one ESG data services from collection and analytics to insights and reporting. We also provide custom services to develop tailor-made solutions according to your needs and requirements, such as detailed ESG due diligence or industry-specific ESG risk exposure.

What do you mean by FINGREEN AI Methodology?

With ESG metrics based on the aggregation of 10+global ESG standards, frameworks and scientific-based methodologies, we provide automated alignment and reporting with 100% traceability. 

What is your pricing?

We have different pricing for different use cases and features. Before officially subscribing to our platform, you can order a Proof of Concept (PoC). Contact us to book a demo in order to know more!

Can you customize based on my needs?

Definitely! We are flexible in configuring the FINGREEN AI tool to help you reach your specific goals.

How do you ensure data quality?

ESG data is the base of everything we do so we want to make sure we have impeccable data availability, standardisation, quality, traceability and transparency:

1) FINGREEN AI proprietary data sourcing from public data sources

2) Explainable AI data estimation models

3) Engaging and guided process for data collection.